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Acrylic Tubing

Analyzing the many acrylic made products of this world, including the acrylic sheet.

Acrylic tubing serves many different purposes.  Most importantly, it provides people with a steady, firm source of tubing that’s stronger and nicer than plastic, yet far less fragile than glass is.  If you’re looking for a source of tubing, you’ll definitely want to consider getting acrylic tubes for these reasons and many others.

Acrylic tubing can be used for both functional and decorative purposes.  Take, for instance, the example of a lamp guard.  Many people choose to go with an acrylic one for many reasons.  First of all, the look and feel that it gives off is a modern one that’s pleasing to the eye.  Additionally, it’s valuable as a protective device for those lamps with fluorescent bulbs.  Acting as a guard, it gives added protection against bulb breakage.

There are both colored and clear versions of acrylic tubing, and what you end up getting will depend most upon your stylistic preferences.  Colored acrylic tubing will generally cost you a bit more than clear acrylic tubing does, assuming both units are otherwise identical.  However, you’ll find that both options offer rather attractive price points if you’re looking to buy one.

There are different brands offering these tubes as well.  Most notably, you may be familiar with Plexiglass acrylic tubing, as Plexiglass is simply the brand making the acrylic material.  Other forms of extruded acrylic tubing are made of cast acrylic tubing.

The advantages to going with something made of cast are clear.  More effort goes into the production of such units, and they’re a sturdier form of tubing on the whole.  They’ll be more resistant to physical contact and even less likely to break.  As a result, cast acrylic tubing is generally more expensive on average.

Materials, color, and maker aside, the price you pay per cylinder will be dictated by the size of the cylinder and the quantity of the order you place.  The more you buy, the less money each acrylic tubing cylinder will cost.  Similarly, the thickness of the tube will also matter.  If you require something thicker, be prepared to pay several dollars more per tube.

The prices on acrylic tubing can vary widely, ranging anywhere from several dollars per tube (for smaller and lower end ones) to over $100 per tube for the biggest, thickest, and highest quality acrylic tubes.

What you end up paying will really depend on your needs, but you’d be wise to shop around as much as time allows you to before deciding on which unit to go with.  There are many online retailers eager for your business, so finding a great deal shouldn’t be much work.

From here, the ball is in your court.  Research your options, decide on the optimal size, thickness, color, and material (Plexiglass, cast, etc.), and make a decision from there.

Regardless of your intended use, you’ll end up with a solid unit that gives you ample mileage over its life span.  Good luck with your purchase, and enjoy!